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Tips for Building a Custom Home in Thunder Bay

Tips for Building a Custom Home in Thunder Bay

Tips for Building a Custom Home in Thunder Bay

Let’s picture this… You have the financing in place and you are to hire a contractor in Thunder Bay and finally build your very own custom home! You’ve been dreaming this for years and now you want to make sure you do everything right. Now that the financing is in place, you are eager to start, but you don’t know exactly where to start. In this article we are going to go over a few tips and tricks to make your custom home building project a flawless one.

Let’s Start With a Plan

First of all, let’s make sure that you have a plan. Actually, in this case, we mean it literally. A building plan is exactly what you need to start. A building plan can be prepared by a licensed architect or it can be purchased from specialized companies that offer home building plans. Independently how you obtain it, you need to make sure that the building plan meets your local coding requirements, so check with the company or architect before you hire them and make sure they are going to meet those requirements specific of your area. If not, you will need to consider additional funds to modify the plans to include any local building coding requirements.

When choosing a home plan, make sure that you go over the house plan with your loved ones to make sure it has everything you need. It’s a lot easier to make changes on paper than to find out after the house is built that you forgot to include the guest bedroom that you’ve always wanted to have!

Once you have a building plan in hands, even though it might still not be exactly “finished”, it’s time to start reaching out to contractors.

Hiring Home Building Contractors

Before beginning any custom home building project, you need to find a qualified contractor in your area. Thunder Bay Contracting is a professional contractor in Thunder Bay with a solid background and great customer satisfaction reputation, so if you live in Thunder Bay, hiring Thunder Bay Contracting for your home building (or home renovation) project is going to be the best choice you can make in that regard.

After you have hired your preferred contractor, make sure that you utilize the contractor’s consulting services and experience to help you guide your choices in terms of products, materials, and even design and layout guidance. For example, if the contractor, after having seen your home building plan, points out to you that the type of stairs that are drawn on the plan could cause you trouble, listen to the contractor’s suggestions. When in doubt, you can also ask third party opinions, but never discard suggestions from contractors that have hands-on experience putting homes together.

Communication is Important

Having a good, honest working relationship with your hired home building contractor is actually very important. In fact, you don’t just “write checks” – you are, as a client, an integral part of the project, and if you treat your home building contractor well, the contractor will be able to perform a better job for you and share with you important information, tips and guidance throughout the project.

Unexpected Issues or Delays

Don’t despair if, from time to time, you will encounter unexpected issue or delay. Home building projects are complex and involve a lot of specialized contractors as well as third party manufacturers as well as bureaucracy. Be ready for potential changes and keep an open mind to the reality of the situation when the project has started.

Goodluck on your next home building or home renovations project!

We hope these tips were helpful! Thunder Bay Contracting looks forward to working with you on your next home building or home renovation project here in Thunder Bay.